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Rules and Information


Tournament and championship entries close at midday on the eve prior to the Tournament. All Tournament winners shall be decided on games won and drawn,ends won, points differential, in this order.

Mixed Teams

Teams for mixed Tournaments will contain at least one member of the opposite gender, if possible.

Club Play

Names must be in at least 30 minutes before play commences. Please phone Club, 07 865 8105 if you are unable to turn up within the time limit.

Championship Play (Pairs, Triples)

Teams to consist of only one skip per team. Fours teams may have up to two skips.

Skips please note it is their duty to arrange substitutes or replacements where required and to notify the Match Committee accordingly. Failure to arrange such substitutes or replacements could result in the game being lost by default. This requirement also applies to Championships confirmed on dates set by the Match Committee for such games.

Club Dress

During the season correct bowling uniform must be worn for Championships, Open Tournaments, Opening and Closing Days.

Other times mufti may be worn.

Footwear (Non Social Events)

Correct footwear (flat soles only) is essential at all times. Jandals and bare feet are not permitted.

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