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A Special Celebration???

Do you have a special celebration or are coming to Whangamata as a group to have a fun weekend. Have you thought about including a couple of hours of bowls as an event. We would love to have you. All you have to do is contact us through our contact page or ph 07 865 8105 and leave a message and we will contact you to discuss a date and time.

On Saturday we had a group who were celebrating one of the members upcoming wedding. Some of them had played before and some of them with a quick coaching lesson played for the first time.

They had a great time, judging by the amount of laughter and sledging of each other as some men love to do and having a few drinks. They only played one wrong bias between 9 of them so I was quite impressed, he even put a gold coin in the helicopter fund which is how we raise money for the Rescue Helicopter.

It was great having you.


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