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End of Summer Bowling Season 2023

We have our closing day this Saturday the 29th April. All our summer competitions have finished,

Champions found for 2023 and you might think it's all finished for the year, but, have no fear it is not the end of bowls, we have a carpet green so can play all year round now.

On the 2nd May we start our Winter Tournaments which run every Tuesday, with a later turn up of 9.30am to enter the draw and start at 10am with a $10 entry fee. We should get in 4 games of 1 hour duration. You must be there by 9.30am at the latest if you want to be in the draw. Contact us to enter your team.

Our Thursday and Saturday roll ups continue, just turn up by 12.30pm at the latest to go in the draw for a 1pm start. Any bowler who would like to join us is very welcome. Just a $5 entry fee.

And of course if you have a group that would like to "have a go" at bowls contact us and

book it in. We only charge $10 per person to hire some bowls and play on the green. We'll have someone there to give you some tips, we only ask that you wear flat soled shoes, and if you have a drink, that you don't take any drinks on the greens.


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