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Crackerjack 2023 with or without Snorkel

We are trying to run our 2023 Crackerjack Competition and are having lots of challenges with the weather. This is a competition we run every year when we invite non-bowlers to pair up with a bowler and have some fun, competing with other similar teams. It is on for four weeks, every Thursday starting at 5pm. We have 2 games each night and a sausage sizzle and refreshments in between the games, and of course, points are awarded each week and there are prizes to be won on the last night.

This year however, we have been struggling with the weather, we had to postpone the first night, and finally started it last week. It won't stop us finding a way to enjoy the rest of the competition, but its going to test Keith Miles, our Match Convenor's ability to juggle.

All through winter Keith called on the Weather Gods and asked for favourable weather and we hardly missed a tournament. I think he must of offended them somehow and since December we have had to cancel or postpone many tournaments. This certainly has not been a summer to remember.

If you like the sound of Crackerjack, and don't want to wait until next year, you might like to come and join us on our weekly roll-ups which are on Thursdays and Saturdays at 12.30pm, or if you have a group, you can book a time to come down. You need to have a minimum of 10 people if you want our coach to come down and give you all some tips, and for us to open the bar. A good time is after a roll-up on a Thursday or Saturday at 4pm. You could play for a couple of hours and then go out to dinner.

Contact us through our website or email whangamatabowlingclub@gmail.comor or leave a message on 07 8658105 for JL Holyoake


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