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It's been a while....Apologies for the 'long pause'.....from here we will endevour to 'remain current' in our posts. We pick up amid our 2019/2020 Competition season....Results to date as follows.....

Competitions began Mid October starting with Womens and Mens under 8ys pairs Champs. Credit to the winners:- Angela Mayberry with Nancy Stewart, and Robin Gillat with Eric Tebbutt, respectively. GREAT START!

Second on the competition calendar saw the Ladies Championship triples won by the trio Waveney Vaugan, Krissy Sara and Pam Murray. Taking out winning honours for the men were the team of Graeme Gunn, Peter Ryan and Stu Ellis. LOVING THE SPIRIT OF OUR GAMES!

Next we played Senior Championship Pairs for both Men and Women. The ladies comp was won by Viv Oswald and Krissy Sara, finishing just ahead of the Mens final, affording them the opportunity to witness the 'battle royal' that was gallantly defended by Keith Miles and Graeme Gunn, who were defeated on the last end by the worthy pairing of Graeme Thwaites and Ivor Clemence.....WHAT A GAME!!!

The Mens Championship Fours was fought and won by the team of Herb Armitage, Alan Cotter, Eric Tebbutt and Robin Gillat. CONGRATS GUYS! (nb Ladies fours yet to be played)

The Ladies Senior Singles Championship, was played just this past weekend.....and the winner is...Pam Murray!!! NICE COMP LADIES! (mens singles winner pending,,,,,,,,)

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