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Bowls at the Beach

Have you ever thought you would like to try playing lawn bowls. At Whangamata we have a very friendly group of people who belong to the Whangamata Bowling Club who welcome people on a Thursday or Saturday afternoon to give it a go.

We have bowls available and as long as you are there by 12.30pm to be put in a team draw, you can have the benefit of others who have played bowls for a while giving you some guidance on how to play. It only costs $5 and if your team is in the top three at the end of the afternoon, you may win a prize. This is a great way to see if this is a game you might like to play regularly by becoming a member.

At our club we like to cater for those who like competition and those who just like to play for the social aspect of the game. We have two experienced coaches who are there regularly on a Monday and Friday afternoons helping those who are learning the game and those who are wanting to improve or correct an aspect of their game.

So, if you have a holiday home here and come to Whangamata regularly, why don't you join us on a Saturday an see if this is the game for you. If you are already a member of a club elsewhere, you could join as an Associate at a reduced price and play whenever you are here.

We are also happy to organise a group booking, for those who travel to Whangamata for an event, and want to spend a couple of hours while they are here, having some fun together giving bowls a go.

Contact us and we will see how we can help.


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